Saturday, May 9, 2009

Sea Glass Sign

I remind you that last week I found my first piece of sea glass. I don't often walk the beach, as it is usually cool, windy, and difficult to walk on! I have yet to be enamored by agates, though I do enjoy finding funky rocks that imagine I'll do something with later. I have yet to do anything with my growing collection of funky rocks. Regardless, it is something to keep my eyes occupied while the dogs run and exercise. I'd never even thought to look for sea glass. In my wildest dreams I'd hoped to find an old Japanese glass net globe, but figured I'd buy one for $7 down in Homer someday. I was thrilled at seeing that little piece of green glittering at me from the common pebbles that surrounded it. I almost didn't believe it was real. I mean, I knew it was glass, but I figured it must just be a broken bottle piece since I wasn't near the usual tide line, but up higher where it was firmer footing. When I picked it up, I discovered it had been tumbled, smoothed with no sharp edges.

It dawns on me that I think I might be tumbling. I'm confronting an issue that I had hoped to avoid at most costs. Living away from it, I had succeeded thus far. It is not to continue that way. It was really inevitable. I hope to emerge with soft edges, but the tumbling is not pleasant. Back to the sign...

I had not shared much about the start of the Women's Group. This was in part because I felt a little disappointed. In myself. Without a study, I had not really prepared anything else, and for two weeks relied on God's leading. That sounds good, but what it really was, was lazy. On Wednesday, after I checked the mail and found nothing, I began to take another look at materials that the church already had in stock. I picked up a book and I was shocked!

On the front cover was a picture of a jar of sea glass! I made some kind of exclamation and asked my husband if it was a sign. He said "no." I wasn't too sure. Thursday, I went to church, retrieved the supply of books and studies and waited. After I shared my sign possibility to the rest of the gals at group, two more shared sea glass experiences they've had within the last two weeks! I think it was a sign! They all agreed! We've begun to read the book and workbook, You Matter More Than You Think by Dr. Leslie Parrot. It's subtitle is "what a woman needs to know about the difference she makes." I think it will be just what God wanted us to do right now. I give up! I also feel so encouraged. I'm excited to start a summer study and to have direction. The gals are great and I am so blessed to be included in their lives. I can't wait to know them more! Thank all of you for praying.

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  1. Melissa, I just had to leave a comment. When I got home from Bible Study on Thursday, I went to look for the book that I'd read to my girls for school. It's title is "Gifts from the Sea" by Natalie Kinsey-Warnock (a "new favorite" author of books for girls). Anyway, I re-read the part about the sea glass, and the little girl in the book said something like this: "sea mama always called them gifts from the sea." Maybe the Bible study book that we're reading will be a "gift form the Lord!"