Friday, May 15, 2009

Precipice of Old

I'm wondering if I'm there. I think I'll have an answer by the time I go to bed tonight, or for sure by the time I wake. My manly man offered us to help with our high school youth group this weekend by driving them to Anchorage to see a Christian Rock concert. This will be an overnighter. I'm wondering many things.
Will I go crazy in the car when I'm used to this drive being a quiet reflective 3 hours? Or will I join in the silliness that is likely to ensue once we reach the mountains?! Our car stereo is broken and only plays the radio, but it cuts out in the mountains, so if we do sing-a-longs, it will have to be from memory: will I remember the songs? Will what I wear be indicative of my age at this concert? Will I keep thinking it is way too loud?! Will I jump up and down with the beat and scream and yell at the end of the songs? Then after the concert when we go to a church to bed down, will I crash or will I want to stay up all night and whisper and giggle? Do girls still do this? Or are they "too mature" for such things? Am I? What will our shopping time on Saturday say about my lifestyle? Will I have to look at clothes in a different department? I know my sizes are barely there in the jr.'s! That's not a ego lifter. Moving on quickly...! Will I look back on this weekend as "sick" or "cool" or exhausting?!
Hmmmm. So many questions. Primarily, will God be glorified through me to any of these girls? Will Pat and I reflect a Godly couple to them. I pray we do, and I pray we make it through with all our senses!

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  1. I am betting you did awesome, had some moments of joining in the silliness and some of being an adult and wondering WHY you are doing this.... and in the end, glad you did, just because you were supposed to. THAT is the best feeling.... love you