Thursday, August 19, 2010

Valdez Vacation

O.K., for all those who are wondering where I went:

Alaskan Adventures

is "our" blog of all the crazy stuff we do up here in Alaska.

I have taken 10 days off work to come out and stay with my hubby while he works out here in Valdez (a 9 hour trip by car).  I am trying to make his stay easier and more fun, so if you'd like to see what I'm up to, check it out there.  To be honest, I don't have anything all that deep to say, I'm just enjoying being a part of God's creation that is absolutely breathtaking!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Lucky 13!

Isaiah is my 13th N&N, and I happen to find that a very happy number!  
If you'd like to see more of their Ethiopian journey, click here!

I think this is my most favorite picture!  

He likes to read in bed.  Of course we're related!

Beautiful family!  Can't wait til it's a full family portrait!

And seriously; how precious is this?  

I've had the amazing opportunity to see two sisters adopt and choose two of my nephews.  It has been so surreal for me to watch.  I wonder why more people don't adopt.  I know the reasons why more people don't, but for all those reasons, Jesus answers. 

 You might ask me why I don't: a valid question if I pose it so blatantly.  All I can say is that God hasn't put it on our hearts to have children, instead we want to do the most we can for as many as we can through our "five loaves and two fish."   Is it enough?  Well, are there still orphans?  We want to do more and I know we will, and what we do can be exponentially increased by the Spirit.  Won't you join us?

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Six Hundred

This is a post from Ali's African Adventures - a link is on the right as well as a button.  This broke my heart and I hope it does the same to yours.

Tuesday, August 3. 2010

six hundred

Monday, August 2, 2010

Awesome August!

This week has already been an incredible week!

If you read the previous post, my sister and her husband are in Ethiopia meeting their new son!  It's been an incredible experience so far for them and if you'd like to know more details they are on her blog here.  I've felt so excited for them and a bit bewildered at this entire experience!  I'm so thankful for modern technology, even though it's tough to connect with the even the phones there.

I read a different blog a while back that shared a very special perspective about how their 2-trip requirement emulates Jesus.  In this first trip, Isaiah has now seen the people who have chosen him to be their son.  As adoption is so close to God's heart, this is a perfect example of how God has chosen us to be His children.  Just as in adoption, the ages can vary of when we get to join this perfect family, and it never matters to our Father.  He want's us all, no matter how old we are!  Right now and for the rest of the week, my sister and her husband will be investing a little bit more each day into their son, just as Jesus did for us during His time on this earth.  They will have to say good-bye, but they will promise that they will come back for him to take him home with them - permanently!  Jesus said the same thing!  Isn't this just perfect?!  Fortunately, my little nephew will not have to wait long, possibly 4-6 weeks, before they return to bring him home.  I think our time perspective when Jesus returns will be similarly short!  For a much sweeter rendition of these thoughts from the original author, click here!

So, as we all wait for this special time to come, I am constantly in prayer for my sister and her husband and her 3 kiddo's who are waiting for them to return home.  I'm calling her everyday to get their updates and keep everyone else informed and praying!  I'm so glad that they are not only going to be able to spend more time with their son, but also meet another friend's little boy!  Her friend B just got their referral and got in touch with them to share the news!  What an amazing opportunity to love on another little boy!

This has been an exciting week so far, and it will only get better since my beloved who has been gone for 2.5 weeks, will be home on Thursday!  Three weeks is a long time to be separated, especially knowing it will happen again.  I'm praying already that our week together will be sweet, long, and fun!  Knowing my husband, it will definitely be fun!  I miss him!  I'm beginning to really love August!