Monday, July 6, 2009

Monday's Meat

Have you ever seen something so lovely? This bridge was on a hike I took with my fab husband and dogs a couple weekends ago. It was such a pretty sight. Then my husband happened.
As we were walking across the bridge, he started to shake it. Bella seemed unaffected, as usual, but Rowdy squatted, lowering his center of gravity and slowly stepped across. It was actually pretty hysterical. We tried it again with him and he did it again, but not a third time.

Yesterday, my bridge was shaken under me and it made me step more cautiously. It was a good shake. I was in Sunday School and one of the gals said something that really struck me. She had observed that there seemed to be a very "me" attitude in worship at times. Prayers and songs that ask for many things like filling of the Spirit, comfort, peace, etc., but then they stop. She said that these things are only good if they prompt us to act. WHY should the Spirit fill us? So we can feel better and good about ourselves? The next question should be "then what?" What is the purpose of being filled in the Spirit or any other desire? The motive should be to further the Kingdom, not to feel good.
I was suddenly compelled to pull out my memorization pack and flip through what verses I had chosen. Had I done the same thing? I quickly looked and, to my relief, several verses were not one-sided, and many were praises directed to the Lord. I was not completely without a "selfish" verse, as my most recent is 2 Samuel 22:34 "He makes my feet like hinds' feet, And sets me on my high places."
I was moved to figure out why God would do this. Why would He give me the stealth and steadiness and grace required to succeed in difficult circumstances? It is not for my glory. I have heard and seen more often over the last couple months the exclamation that God will not share His glory. All that He does for me and through me is for me to direct the focus to Him, not for my personal comfort.
I listened in church so intently and cautiously. I was on my bridge and it was a little shaky. I didn't just sing the words of the songs, but really chewed on them. I was so caught by the notion that I could fall into the cycle of asking for good things, but then stopping. I was so aware of my part in the story. The story that's not about me. I'm still chewing!


  1. Great thoughts. Making me think, too.

  2. wow-- what a God thing! Just this morning as i was driving to see some patients, I was listening to one of Michael W Smiths songs about worship-- may be NOT his, but anyway,,, it was the emphasis of worshiping God For HIM and not about we need to turn worship to HIM.. I am chewing too. although I love 2 Sm 22:34-- you know that.. and I know that being on those High places is NOT a mountain top experience, but one that is Hard and tricky!!! Sometimes, still "much afraid". That is when I forget why I am on those treacherous cliffs. Love you....

  3. Great points to make us think. I've always had a pet peeve with worship because it seemed fake to me. Then I realized I can worship God in my own way without thinking about the person standing next to me. And I realized that the right way to worship is to focus on the words, what they mean, how they prompt me to act, how they prompt me to worship, and what God wants me to do next. Most of all, I realized that whatever I do, however I worship, it's not about me or my emotions. It's always been and always will be about God. God exalts the humble and humbles the proud. He glorifies Himself through us, but we must be careful to give Him the glory, as you say, and not ourselves. It's not such a bad thing to be proud of what God has done through you, to be proud of the call you have accepted. But we must remember to most of all be proud of the God who called us.

    By the way, I really really like your blog design!!! And great photos of the bridge!