Saturday, July 3, 2010

Simple Joys

Anyone who knows me knows that I find a huge amount of joy in flowers.  Not as much in the cut variety as the ones who slowly emerge and surprise you with the burst of color that only they give with patience and slight care.  Most people likely have these moments of excitement in March or April when their flowers are popping up.  I must wait until June to see the blooms and flush of colors.  This is when I begin my daily vigil of walking around my gardens to check on my "babies."
Every day I check on the flowers to monitor their growth, delight in their beauty, and praise their Maker.  I love how little I am involved in the perfection of my plants.  Each one is extremely different and wonderful.  I find such peace and joy in the flowers (planted and wild) that I don't wonder that God first put Adam and Eve in a Garden!
I have been struggling at times lately resting my spirit.  Everyday I see money exchanged for things that are fleeting when they could be used for much more.  I see myself doing it, and I don't know how to quell my uneasiness.  I still buy flowers or doughnuts or other things that are for a quick dose of temporary happiness.  I know there is a balance and I try not to feel too guilty, but there is clearly an awareness that is going on.  I have begun to equate the cost of these things with the loss of meals for a child or the lack of a day of school.  Spending one day at the hair salon for a cut, hi-lite, & brow wax could send a child to school with a uniform and provide them with 3 meals a day for 6 months.  This is why I haven't gone since November.

My regrowth is horrendous, but fortunately, I don't see it much!  I don't have new clothes, and mine are beginning to get a bit ratty and stained.  But I am clothed.  I don't have the cutest styles of flats/boots/sandals, but I have shoes.  I've had some moments of wanting newer coverings for myself, but then I remember that I have what I NEED.  More than I need, actually.
Spending a little time each day in view of what He created rests my soul.  I remember that I am on a journey that is not finished.  I remember the changes that we have made to more fully participate in His Kingdom and it excites me to keep changing.

I wonder if my Maker takes His moments to walk around, check His "babies," and watch each day how I grow.  I want to delight Him even more than His flowers delight me.


  1. Beautiful photos....beautiful post. You are so right! Especially love that picture of the columbine.

  2. This is so true....Beautiful great reminder of what we can be doing not with our money but with our time....