Monday, November 14, 2011

My "Weird" Family

I came home a week ago from spending a couple weeks with my family.
I've heard it before, but was reminded just recently how "weird" we were. 
You see, we all really love each other.
I have 3 siblings and they are all married, like me.  We all love to hang out together, play the same games, discuss the same topics (mostly), and of course, eat together!  As I get older and more learned, I have discovered that this bonding we do is not normal.  It's not that we haven't all gone through tough times, because we have, but it's that we are all truly "there" for each other.  We all really love each other in the truest sense of the word.  
There are so many reasons that this has happened in our family, but primarily because God wanted it to happen.  I believe that.  We simply have been obedient.  I am so blessed.

Because of this blessing, I must show off some of my fabulously "weird" family and all our gooey, lovey-dovey selves!!

 My brother's girls are in soccer and I was so excited to see them "play!"  It was mostly running around and sometimes getting near the ball.  Pretty fun!  I've seen their oldest boy play before, so we missed his game to see the girls'.

 I really, really love this girl!!
 I also had the chance to see my grandparents!  It was a special time and I got to see how funny my grandma can be!  She's got some spunk at 89!!
 Halloween was fun with all the costumes and candy!  Plus, I love these jars my sis and her kids made!!

 I had lots of time to play with my N&N's.  Here we were playing "Nap Time."  I wish we could play this more often.  Only for real.  Oh, and this was on a twin bed!!  It was all snuggly!!

 On your mark...get set..."Watch Me Jump!!!!!"

I also got to spend some sweet time with my in-loves!  These kids have grown up so much!!  I really enjoyed spending time with them and hearing them read their stories!

I am truly blessed.  I love my family, and I'm pretty sure they love me back!  It's an unusual set of relationships that I cherish and protect.  What a gift.

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  1. How wonderful for you! A true blessing to have such a loving family.