Sunday, February 26, 2012


 This is what we came home to after church today.  Seriously?  Seriously.  I just started to laugh.  Because if I don't I'll go crazy.  This year I have been trying to find ways to get through winter without getting my increasingly worse Winter Blues.  I have been taking vitamin D for a year now, I have a new job that has worked out pretty well for me so far, and I'm getting more involved in our church!  I have had such growing hope this winter!  And then this:
 Do you ever feel like when you are doing everything you can, it all falls in on you anyway?  You dig out and scoop it all clean, but then the roof clears and it all falls back in.

I won't pretend that my life is that hard.  I know many people have so much more on their plates than I do.  Actually, I have it incredibly easy.  Too easy, sometimes.  I know that I deal with some physiological things, the snow that falls, but not taking steps to combat it when I know it's coming would be like refusing to get a shovel; just hoping that it's not too deep to walk through.  This year, I have the shovel and boots, but it seems there is just more snow than ever.  It's harder.  But it's possible.

Just when I think I want to quit shoveling and just let the snow fall over me, God sends me a little bit of hope.  That Light that refuses to be completely submerged.  This week I was asked to coffee by two different people (on the same morning even!), and somehow God knew I really needed that feeling of being pursued.  That little bit of encouragement gave me the desire to pick up the shovel and keep going.
Spring will come.  It always does.  In the meantime, I hope I'm as willing to reach out to others and pass that Light on.

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