Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Water, Water Everwhere

There is nothing that could make you feel more inadequate than luxuriously filling up a tub with hot, clean water, eating a Cadbury egg (one of my weaknesses), and then relaxing while reading about Katie Davis and the beginning of her adventures in Uganda.  I'd like to try and defend my ludicrous waste of water by stating that after my adjustment yesterday, my back is extremely sore and I feel a cold coming on.  You know I just can't have a cold before I go on our Caribbean cruise!  Even using my new razor made me feel guilty.  It's one that has the bar of moisturizing cream all around the razor and actually works really well!  (Notice how I  just skimmed over that cruise part.)

And just so you know, that is a random picture above.  I would never show you my bathroom with the peeling caulk and beyond-ability-to-clean-shower grout.  And I would sooner show you my bathroom than me in the tub.  I digress...

The last two years we have been trying to sell our house and live more simply for the ultimate goal of giving more of our income to others.  That sounds so good!  We thought so.  We actually still do.  We haven't sold said house yet, but we have begun the process of giving more to others.  It has made us feel really good.  It has been good.  But I don't think that will be the end of it.

As good as all the good things are that we can do, they are never enough.  I'm feeling as though I can't "check the box" here.  I like to do that.  Check boxes, I mean.  Sometimes I like to do good things, and honestly, sometimes I don't.  Giving up my time/resources is a tough thing for me.  I guess that's why it's called sacrifice.  The continuing realization that people are not just suffering, but dying from a lack of things that I take for granted (like a tub full of clean water at the turn of a knob), is continually gnawing at me.  There are also opportunities to help at a more local level.  You might be surprised how much help people need in our own communities.  "The ends of the earth" includes both near and far, not one or the other.

So basically, if I want to be super comfy and shallow, I will quit reading about others giving up everything for others to show God's love.  Wait, that's pretty much Jesus' story.  Instead I guess I will continue to navigate this uncomfortable balance of seeing all the injustice in the world and doing my drop in the bucket while feeling like I'm drinking my big glass full.

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