Saturday, May 12, 2012

Springing Forward...Someday

Spring has finally begun here in the land of the north.  I love my flowers, so it's no surprise that I get excited about the colors and textures that emerge from my basket at the garden center.  Most of this beautification is for me personally, but we are still trying to sell the house, and I hear that flowers help.  Whatever.  

 I'm feeling a bit snarky, and I'm a bit beyond tired of this snow.  It's May.  It clearly didn't get the memo.  I'm *this* close to getting the shovel out and spreading the snow out into the yard.

 I am truly finding joy and excitement (and hope!) in every little face that pops out.  It's a reminder to me that winter does end.  Life does move forward.
 My real frustration is that it seems to happen so much faster for others than for us.  It seems that I continually hear (though this is most likely perception rather than reality) of others selling their house in a matter of minutes!  I really don't doubt that we are on a path that God has ordained, and I feel peace about selling our home, I just don't understand why it is taking so long for God to sell it.  Surely if we are following His leading, we would be rewarded, right?  No.  God never promised anything of the sort.  Dang.
I can see how the time that has passed has brought us to a complete reliance of God in regards to planning.  I think we have looked at about 3 million different properties from Alaska to Kansas, and even areas in between.  We have changed our house plans from a tiny shed/cabin, to a slightly larger cabin, to simply buying a farmhouse.  We've looked at job opportunities in other places and tried to imagine life with much less, and being much more free.
Today we are in limbo with the prospect of moving to Ghana, Africa.  There is a Christian company, Vytrak, which is looking to create a vehicle that is simple and durable for use in Africa.  We are looking into being part of the team to go to Ghana and help set up the manufacturing of these vehicles.  Yes, this is pretty much my husband's forte, but I am pretty versatile as well!
Or, we will do something else.
We really don't know.

In the meantime, I will try to keep myself from resenting others' successful sales of their homes and keep my focus on what is directly in front of me, lest I miss the beauty of new life.

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