Monday, November 9, 2009

Momentous Monday!

This is one of my favorite girls in the whole wide world. Can't you see why?! I love this picture and I've shown it before, but I can't help it. She's been on my mind this week.
My sister told me that my little gal (really she's my sister's little gal, but I'll take her any day!) had asked Jesus to come into her heart! At that moment, my heart just burst! I'm a pretty emotionally proud Aunt! My sister, not wanting to dismiss this momentous occasion, but wanting to understand the depth, asked her why she wanted to do this. Her answer is the very best answer I have EVER heard: "I just love Him so much!"

Every time I think of this, my eyes well up and I just about loose it. It's a similar reaction to when I learned of each of my N&N's decisions to give their hearts to Jesus. I just don't know if I've heard such a perfect motivation. I know mine wasn't! I was a little concerned about my level of fire resistance. Jesus knew it was also that I trusted Him to keep me safe. But really? I just love Him so much!? How absolutely perfect is that? I don't think I can add anything. My 4-year-old niece has just surpassed all my knowledge and study with the simplicity to which God calls us. It's really all He wants of us. I hope I can be like my niece when I grow up and be able to say about the things I do: "I just love Him so much!"


  1. Beautiful and brings a smile to my heart after my own writing a few moments ago. I'm Believing God!


  2. AMEN---Those kids teach us the pure amazing joy of Loving Jesus --

  3. Oh! You do such a great job of explaining/celebrating occasions. :) I'm so glad my kids have you to celebrate with.

  4. "I just love Him so much"! so wonderful.....I know you're just bubbling over with joy!

    I just read another post (11/13/09 Drawn) about two precious little sisters who simply understand His love - you might want to check it out - it will bless you!

    Thanks so much for sharing this.....I think the Lord is speaking something to my heart today..........The expression of a childlike, uncluttered heart can speak volumes about the greatness of our God!

    Sweet Blessings!