Friday, November 13, 2009

Walking on Water

Today was the first day I walked across our small lake. It's a 5 acre lake for which I have discovered a deep affinity. I've never lived on waterfront, so I didn't know it was anything special when we bought our house 2 years ago. I love watching the changes occur and the wildlife that also enjoys the water.
I have been anticipating with joy the moment I could again walk across our water. It gives me and our dogs freedom to run around without the threat of motor vehicles surprising us. The water has actually been frozen for a while, but I was a bit nervous to walk too far out. The edges are the first to freeze and the first to thaw, so the middle is always the "iffy." About a week ago, I began to take a couple steps out on the frozen edge. There was no snow like above, and it was clear through to the lilies on the bottom. I could see frozen suspended bubbles at least 2 inches down, but still... I know that this is sufficient thickness to walk upon and the quality of clear ice is the best. Walking on clear ice that shows the lily pads down to 6 feet down is a bit unnerving. I couldn't go far. Fortunately, we now have a bit of snow on top, so I can't see the depths.
I wondered how Peter did it. He didn't even have ice. I wonder if it felt like ice? More like snow? I can't even walk across my clear iced pond, much less a moving piece of water.
I know I could do it if I just refrained from looking down. I may have even been able to walk across our frozen lake if I just kept my eyes up.
Recently, we have begun another lapse of income. It happens more than rarely up here. My incredibly wonderful providing husband works in the oilfield, and if you didn't know, the price of oil is not exactly where it was a year ago. As great as that is for the consumer, it really stinks for those who find work in that field. It's a strange industry that seems to work on the "feast or famine" premise. Right now it's "famine" time. This has happened before, but before it seemed that there was work going on elsewhere or right around the corner. This drought may be longer lasting. It may not be, but we don't hear too many positive short-term rumors.
I wonder if God is asking me to step out and walk on water. We plan and plan to prepare for such events, and I think that is wise, but I just wonder if we are going to be sent beyond our planning.
How will I respond?
Look Up!
But look how interesting it is when you look down! You need to know where to step, right?
Nope. I can trust Jesus to take us right where He wants us. He will give us firm footing. He will give us hinds' feet and place us on our high places. He will equip us to take the steps of faith, whether on steep slopes or on water. I have so much peace that He will provide. What freedom!


  1. Babe,
    I take so much comfort in knowing that you trust in Jesus for our security. Thank you so much for trusting in Him while still believing in me!! You are truly an amazing wife.
    Your loving husband

  2. ahhh, the joy of transforming from "Much afraid" and finding the hinds feet for our high places. My heart is bursting..I love you. Mom

  3. What a wonderful post!! I love the pics and soooo blessed by your comparison to Peter's "faith" walk and your walking on your lake!!

    Thank the Lord that our walk is a "walk" of faith and not a sprint or marathon! He knows where we are and what the circumstances surrounding us are and lovingly takes our hand and gently leads us onward with Him on this walk called faith! Our part is in exercising our "trust muscles" similar to your story of gaining your firm footing on your lake. Stay close to Him, Rest in His promises and Live each day expectant to see the provision from His Hand!

    Your words encouraged and blessed me today! He is Faithful!

    Sweet Blessings!