Monday, January 18, 2010

Projects Galore

After we first moved into our house a little over 2 years ago, I painted our bedroom a deep chocolate brown. This was a vast improvement over the intensely bright, pastel/lime green that covered the room. There happens to be one wall that has no windows or doors on it, making it an easy paint! Strangely, I felt the need to dress it up, thankyouverymuch HGTV. I tried 3 different shades of green (trying desperately to avoid a reminder of the lime room it originally was) and settled on one. I never liked it. It just didn't turn out like I'd thought, but since I spent so much money on all the paint and time painting & repainting stripes, I let it go. Until now.
Given our new drive to fix up the house to sell, I pulled out some wall paint that was left over and after my skilled husband cut in by the ceiling and trim (he wouldn't let me do it), I walked into our room. I thought perhaps we should leave it, but in the end, decided the sign must be painted over.

We've been completing several projects of this kind. In fact, I have been painting a spare bedroom that didn't seem so bad until we really took a good look. OK, it didn't take much looking to see the desperate need for fresh walls. And ceiling. And trim. Outlets have been reunited to matching covers as have switches, and holes are being patched. We've also begun the project of painting and siding our garage. That one is a bit bigger project, but going pretty well so far.

Why is it that we are so content to live in a state of disrepair? I'm not saying we are in total disrepair, but we have plenty of projects that we had put off! I find it fascinating that when we want to sell, we put up a front of "finished." I also find it ironic that on our quest to NEED LESS, we have to become super materialistic to prep our home for those who may come see it. It's killing us to have to spend money on things that are so superficial. It's going completely against what we are striving toward. But, we HAVE to sell this house in order to live without a mortgage and be totally debt free!

We have found that many people seem to think we are in the throws of desperation with our finances to resort to such a drastic move. Lest you misplace any prayers, we are not. We are actually trying to avoid any such scenario by removing ALL debt. We have enough to get by for quite a while if necessary. We just live like we're broke until the income starts coming in more regularly! In fact, if we were making a ton of money right now, we would continue our projected course.

I think we are both giddy with excitement over the prospect of living in a tiny home that is all ours and having it grow without debt. We are also feeling like God is preparing us for something even bigger. We can't wait to be free from payments to be able to serve more. We have no idea what this will look like, but we know it will be great! I am mostly excited because my husband is just as excited as I am! It's very encouraging to be excited together! I've seen both our hearts grow in the last year to see people the way God sees them and have compassion. I am so glad I'm a project that God doesn't ever put off. I'm also thankful that God's doing a dual project with us!

Now, where's that roller?

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  1. Wonderful post Meli!

    There is nothing like being debt free! It puts freedom to do the work of the Lord in a whole new wonderful perspective!!

    Sweet Blessings!