Saturday, February 20, 2010


I guess it's not just me. Bella gets this way, too. Just a bit less motivated to even hold my head up!
Actually, I just had a "slumber-party" with a friend and I'm sleepy!

Have you ever asked Jesus for something and He completely gives it to you? I have been studying Priscilla Shirer's Discerning the Voice of God. The very first week, she encouraged me to Anticipate hearing from God! If I'm not expecting it, I won't be listening. Bingo.
The last few weeks I feel like I have tapped a vein of pure gold. He really does speak all the time! It's not some Sound of Music moment where I'm up on a meadow spinning and singing and He opens the heavens and thunders with His voice. It's definitely the still, small voice.
Just today, He guided me in a communication I felt I needed to make and I'm so glad He did. I was mistaken in my conclusions, and had I gone my way, it could have been much worse. As it is, I was easily able to apologize and clear things up without completely sticking my foot in my mouth. Why He chose to save my pride a bit is beyond me, but I am thankful.
This also has proven to me that once you get the taste of intimate conversation with Jesus, you just want more. Way more. It's just so practical! The amazing thing is, He wants it too! The only "glitch" is that you have to take His advice or He really will quit giving it to you. No more of the asking "what do you think?" if you have no intention of changing your plans. That reminds me of the saying we had at a church we used to attend: "Yes, Lord! Now, what's the question?" You have to be careful if you are sincere in this, because He just may ask you for something supremely difficult. The rewards will supremely worth it.
I'm loving the conversations. I'm going to keep listening. It's much more rewarding to have conversations that are two-way!
That's something to keep my head up!


  1. This is very good and great food for thought. I find it harder to be a listener than talker and lately have really been hungry to hear God speaking to me. He has been. Not always through my own thoughts and conversations with him, but through the words of others..that are like a gong going off in my head. Isn't it wonderful? He is an awesome God...

  2. Yes, Lord. Now what's the question? AMAZING!!!

    Thank you for sharing this with us, and am thankful for you up Sweet Friend.