Saturday, February 6, 2010

Red Letters by Tom Davis: Book Review

I was very excited to receive this book from my sister who absolutely loved it! It took me a while to finish other readings and get started with this, but once I got it opened, it was hard to put away. Tom Davis presents the question of what might it look like if we really lived out what Jesus taught. We say we believe all the "red letters" that Jesus spoke, but we rarely practice what we preach. Oh, we practice the smallest amount possible in a way that is comfortable to us and makes us feel like we are doing something, while a child in a remote village far away wastes away, alone, hungry. The sad part is, we aren't moved to action by this. Tom Davis clearly has a passion to wake us up to what is happening in the world and to spur us on to action. I was crushed by some of the statistics and it has further my drive to do more.

On a personal note, I have been more and more annoyed at the superficiality of people. I am horrified at how much money we spend on things that are temporal. We meaning all of us. I am aghast at how much people spend on luxuries while never turning any attention to needs outside their own home. I think it's so sad the attitude I've seen after the Haiti disaster. I have heard so many or read so many thoughts that were hostile to helping others because they wanted more for themselves. We Christians should be in the forefront of giving. So much so that we are looked at with confusion and wonder. We should not make sense in our culture today. We should be radically different!

What if we really lived the Red Letters? What if our faith really bled? How many lives would then be saved? Will you be able to tell Jesus that you just couldn't afford to help Him and yet could afford those new clothes, daily coffee stop, or getting your hair colored every 8 weeks?


  1. Totally agree, that for those that say they have nothing to give, truly have $ for the things they want not necessarily need.


  2. Do you remember the old old books, Not my will and In His steps? These had the same message, and what power they hold. love you