Saturday, June 6, 2009

Important Things

My husband and I have this amazing invention in our home: a DVR. We are able to record shows that we enjoy, then view them later. Strangely, the programming we prefer seems to be "live" at very odd hours, so this is a fabulous thing for us. It has also improved our communications. I often have very important thoughts that need expressing at that particular moment, lest I forget them later, and Pat can pause the television and give me his complete attention. This can also work in reverse. I think it should be included in every marriage counselor's suggested purchases.
One show that we have found entertaining is called "Important Things with Demetri ..." I forgot his last name. (This is why I must vocalize my thoughts - I really do forget) This show focuses on one topic or item and comedically spends the 30 minutes discussing various aspects of it. We find the dryness quite humorous.
I have been pondering a topic lately that drove me to my next memory verse. Important Things. This is a topic that could be very broad, but is it? Could it really be simple? A jumbled thought process follows!
Our study in group has been focusing on feeling important. One chapter suggested that we, as women, judge our value in concrete terms, though our deeds are often not concrete. I can't remember the last time I came home thinking of all the specific times I stopped to listen to someone who obviously needed an ear. That's not really a measurable situation. I guess I could time anything that happens as such in order to form a concrete measure. Reaching out to give someone a hug in a tough time can help in immeasurable ways. So can a phone call. A note. A helping hand.
The author of the study suggested that this measuring was a masculine device that we've taken up to try to put value on our actions that we clearly cannot measure, making us feel inadequate. Truly only God can possibly know the ramifications of all the little things we do. Sometimes we get to do big things that have much more visible results. Sometimes we only value those things. Are those the only Important Things? What does God say about the Important Things? I found this familiar verse telling me something deeper this last week.
Luke 16:10 tells us that "He who is faithful in a VERY LITTLE THING is faithful also in much; and he who is unrighteous in a VERY LITTLE THING is unrighteous also in much." (NASB, Emphasis mine)
Important Things are VERY LITTLE THINGS! Consistancy in anything seems to be lacking in our culture today, and it is needed. Doing the little things that seem so unimportant help to build that consistancy, which then does build character. That makover theme again pushes me to want to be in character with Christ. That means in the little things. Letting a child sit on His lap. Going to dinner with a new acquaintance. A touch. I doubt anyone thought those things little when Jesus did them. I think our human nature desires to be important and we've equated that with big things. Jesus is clear when He tells us it's the little things that matter first. How we deal with the little things will determine what we do with the big things, good or bad. We may get chances to do great big things, but we have to make the little things, Important Things.

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