Monday, June 22, 2009

Makenna's Monday


I now have eleven nieces and nephews!
My husband's sister had her 2nd little girl on the 19th.
Her name is Makenna Joy.
I don't know if you remember, but that is my middle name! I feel honored to share this name with two nieces. My other gal, Hannah, has begun to learn about true Joy (she's 5 and a half, you know). I pray that Makenna will learn about what her middle names means at a young age as well. I won't be too surprised, as I tend to have genius level nieces and nephews (not biased at all). They all have seemed to grasped that Joy is a gift from God that is accompanied when you ask Jesus into your heart and "you let Him be the boss," as one nephew put it! I have been moved to tears every time I hear of one of these little hearts having been given to Jesus.
Talk about Joy!
I can only imagine the Joy of their parents to hear of their own child's desire to pray, even if they do want to do it all by themselves! I know that all these parents are providing an atmosphere of Christ's love that draws these children in. Just like what I had as a little girl.
When I was about Hannah's age, 5 and a half or so, I heard from Awana what it was that I needed to do to be with Jesus forever. Being a type A personality, I really wanted to do it right, so I asked my sister to help me pray. We went to the living room, and she sat on the big orange rocker while I kneeled down. She spoke one phrase, and I repeated it, asking Jesus to forgive my sins, and to come into my heart. I may not have fully grasped all the in's and out's of salvation, but I knew that at that moment I was Jesus' forever.
Talk about Joy!
I remember my Mom and Dad being very excited for me. They wanted me to tell everyone! I also remember some people just saying, "that's nice!" Oh, they must not have known the Joy!
I hope I can continue to celebrate the Joy of knowing Christ with all my nieces and nephews. I wish I could celebrate every year when my sister has a Doughnut Party to commemorate her kids' decision for Christ. You see, the doughnuts have holes in the middle, just like us. Only when we ask Jesus to come into our hearts does he fill us up! I think it's genius. It's a great way to remember and to share with others!
I pray for Makenna, as with all my kiddo's, to walk close to Jesus. I can't believe how much I love them all and want to spend eternity with them in the presence of the Father!
Talk about Joy!


  1. I love the donut story! What a wonderful way to celebrate. Thanks for sharing the JOY.

  2. Hi Meli,

    Thanks for commenting on my blog! Totally ok! Congratulations on the niece! I have a grandma, whose first name is Joy. I loved your post about it. Makes me want to use the name Joy if the Lord blesses us with another daughter. The daughter that I do have asked Jesus to have that Joy too, right after Easter! She's only two. So I am hoping that her prayer was real faith! So we might steal that donut idea next Easter, if that's okay!

    And about my comment on LPM, it looks like you've been married longer than I have, so you could probably tell me some things! :)