Monday, June 1, 2009

Monday Makeovers

These are some of the cabinets that my bargain hunter brought home a week or more ago. Can you believe that someone left these at the dump?! I'll admit it. They are a dump find. Not officially dumpter diving since they hadn't make it to the dumpster yet, but pretty close. He just knew they could be used somewhere in our home or garage with just a little TLC. Well, finally this weekend, before my monster sinus infection hit, I got a couple cabinets primed and we put them together to form a tall cabinet/hutch. I think it would be pushing it to call it an armoir, so we'll just keep it a cabinet!
We had it painted (by the way, don't those white garage walls look nice!), and found some trim to go on the bottom. There are several shelves inside and provide me with some much needed storage in the bathroom, which had none. I am not sure that the cabinet is finished. I have ideas to use some of my photo's of flowers on it somehow as well as more painting. I was anxious to have storage!
Remember this project?
Well, I got motivated and couldn't stop with just the steps. Eventually, it will go the length of the house back to that tree in the background (that will eventually go). I debated on posting this picture, because I don't like my mulch. It is just some natural ground debris I found in my woods. The blue spruce is the purchase we made in honor of our 7th Anniversary. My husband made my day by suggesting we buy a tree every year for that honor.

One thing I've noticed about makeovers this last week; they don't come without hard work. Shortcuts may produce a final product, but it won't be what you like. Do-overs always take longer and it's best to do it right the first time. Are these projects perfectly finished? Not remotely. Am I? I hope not.
I'm wondering how much work I must be to make over. I want to be made over in Christ's image, but the work is intense. I am so thankful that my Creator doesn't have to deal with do-overs. He knows just what I was, what I am, and what I will become. My potential is limited only by my refusal to let Him make me over. To think of my tree or rocks telling me where they'd like to go is likely as ludicrous as it is for me to tell God what I think my purpose and path should be. I just hope there isn't too embarrassing of a before picture...

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  1. Oh, this is so good. Your commentary, I mean. But, I also love your landscaping and I'm impressed with the cabinet! Yeah for storage in the bathroom!