Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Silver and Gold

I'm having a nephew!
Actually, I'm having two.
My brother and his wife just found out that their baby will be a boy, due in March. Coincidentally, my sister and her husband are in the adoption process and they just may be traveling in March to pick up their son from Ethiopia. As much as I would love to have my sister's family be completed sooner, and have been praying for just that, the silver lining of the later time would be that I may be able to be present for my other nephew's birth! My sister and brother also have girls that are similar in age and are friends, so it would be a very special connection for the boys to have a similar time to celebrate even if they are different ages.
I saw over at Gitzen Girl a canvas that said "Too many people miss the Silver Lining, because they are looking for Gold."
How often do I miss the silver that God has placed for me in my greed for gold? Is my heart's desire really for what God desires, or is it what I want, period? I think I need to be open for the silver more often. I imagine it will give me much more to celebrate! There may be much more Gold than I realized as well if I can take my focus off of the one piece that I want and let my view expand to see more of the picture. I can't wait to see both those Golden Boys! Silver linings and all!

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