Thursday, April 16, 2009


Could there be anything else created that could make someone happier?! This is the most fabulous example of pure, happy freedom to be whatever! I love that my sister allows such creative freedom in her home! I don't imagine this would be a going-to-the-store outfit, but even then, she can allow some levels of freedom of expression! Oh how God smiled and laughed with me! And her mom, I'm sure! This is a "Glamor Photo" of my niece who happens to be the best age ever: 3.5 years old! Don't you love it?! It is now my computer wallpaper, so every time I turn on the "pooter" I can have my dose of Happy! Yes, I'm using way too many exclamation points, but seriously, how can I not?! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just heard Beth Moore (DVR) on Life Today speak about how we CAN be HAPPY! Happy is circumstantial, but God is IN and OVER our circumstances. Yes, Joy is much deeper, but she hit on what I've been feeling lately, and it felt wonderful to have that extra confirmation. If you watch the show, you know I'm "Asher!" I am FEELING BLESSED!

I hope that if you come to this blog today, you needed something to make you HAPPY! I hope that you can see God in your circumstances today and not just find Joy, but Happiness!


  1. That picture is hilarious!!! It really did make me happy after discovering the fate of my camera!

  2. Love this photo...made me smile. I have many grandbabies who love to express themselves just this way! In fact the other day after the funeral for her Great Grandpa, my 4 yr.old granddaughter came to the car dressed for her trip back home (5 hrs away) with her "comfy" clothes on....A too large velvet and taffeta dress with Pink Suede cowboy boots!!!!!!!! I still smile thinking about it.

  3. Too cute! My girls LOVED playing dress-up when they were little. They would come model new outfits for hours. Sniff, sniff. I miss those days!