Saturday, April 11, 2009


And on the Sabbath they rested according to the commandment. Luke 23:56b

I was wondering today what the disciples and those who loved Jesus did on "this" day. This is what I found. I didn't research any further than my 4 gospels so maybe there is more written somewhere else. I can't imagine what feelings of defeat and confusion they'd have. How awful this day would have been.

I have had an especially wonderful weekend so far! Nothing extraordinary has happened, but I have just had such a feeling of freedom. I went to a Good Friday service with my employer, his wife, and a co-worker. It wasn't "my" church, and it was so beautiful. I love the opportunity to worship with other believers! We sat in our chairs quietly, and the screen up front showed scripture and pictures set to music and songs. Like I said before, it was beautiful. The service included singing, choir, special music, and the sweetest words spoken by the pastor before communion. The pastor said something that struck me. I will try to paraphrase what he said:

Just imagine the moment that Jesus gave up his spirit. He left his earthly body and just try and imagine the sound of the heavenlies as he appeared before his Father! That moment, when Jesus appeared! Oh, what immense Joy!

It brings tears to my eyes again. To have been able to witness the moment Jesus entered his Father's presence - wow. That moment of horror on earth was supreme jubilation in heaven!

That moment of horror on earth is what set me free from sin. I am so aware of my freedom this year that I feel almost bad to have been so joyously peaceful on Good Friday. That horrific sacrifice removed my sin and tomorrow I will celebrate Jesus' resurrection that gave me life! I feel that life so acutely. I am not sure why God has opened my heart to feel this so deeply, but I am thankful. He remembers my sin no more. What a gift. What freedom.

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