Monday, April 6, 2009

Marvelous Monday!

Barely made it. I thought I would be really good at utilizing my only day off when my husband is at work to do a very thought out, serious, deeply moving entry. Not so much. I think a couple weeks ago when I thought up this genius idea, he had the day off. When he has a day "off" it really means a day of work on the house that necessitates my help. I am usually thrilled at the change of events and enthusiastically drop any plans that I had (usually much more relaxing plans) and jump right in! Note the sarcasm. I'm working on all that, sarcasm included!

Then there is today. My fabulous husband (seriously, no sarcasm) has such a strong work ethic that I often feel guilty if I haven't been productive in my days home. I felt very proud of myself today, as I did laundry, re-stacked the wood pile, cooked a fancy meatloaf with mashed potatoes on top, walked the dogs, and cleaned the kitchen and living room. Oh, and I made our 2-week menu and went grocery shopping, stopped at the bank and even browsed the bookstore! I felt like a superwoman! I cannot figure out how moms do it. I would go batty. Kudo's to moms!
So all that to say, I have not spent too much time on my "pooter" as a nephew used to call it. I try to stay off the computer when my lover is home so as to better give him all my undivided attention as we watch t.v. or whatever! Well, he's out at a practice for a musical (he's a phenomenal drummer), so I'm back online!

Sometimes I really should take more application of all the Proverbs that speak of fewer words. Does it count if it's online and not out the mouth? This way I can peruse what I've "said" and edit if needed! A deep theological discussion for another day perhaps.

On a slightly more serious note, I am on for starting this women's group. I am so lost! I am so glad that it is not about me. Talk about going batty... I felt led to begin this group now and I think the timing is not at all conducive to good management! I thought I would wait until fall, but that was not the message I was getting! O.K.! I figured there would not be interest in it until fall, when the timing would make more sense. I threw out my thoughts of starting this to my pastor and he instantly put it into the church news that is sent via email and printed to be passed out at church. To my surprise, I've had several responses! Apparently, I'm not the only woman in our church who desires a women's group. I'm sensing this is why there was a push to do this now. But really? ME? Am I really a good representative to facilitate this? I am reminded of an acronym that was once used at another church for the qualifications of a leader: FAT. Lovely, huh? On a simplified explanation, I need to be faithful, available, and teachable. I think that's right. Alright, I will strive to be FAT!

I love the Sunday School study of Esther that we're doing as it has shown me so much. I felt that God was telling me that He wanted me to do this now, and if I wasn't going to, He'd use someone else. Didn't Mordecai say something similar to Esther? I clearly am not in such a place and time to save a people from genocide, but it struck a chord. I can let myself be used and place myself in a position to be used thereby enjoying the blessings of seeing God work, or I can let someone else do it. I cannot tell you how excited I am to see what God has planned for us!

I am researching studies that I want to do - too many and so little time - and other research materials that I'd like to utilize for myself. I have been praying my head off for God to be glorified in this and not me or a specific study. I have been toying with logistical issues, and decided that this can't be for everyone, so it will just have to be. God will decide what it will be for those who come.

Well, I think I hear my husband coming!
So much for deep, theological entries!

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  1. "I am so glad that it is not about me."

    I can't tell you how many times I've said or thought that lately! God is faithful, so just keep following His direction and you can't fail! Gotta love that!