Monday, April 27, 2009

Maniacle Moose Monday

OK, so this picture was taken a while ago (the snow has melted substantially, though not completely), but it was the most recent moose photo I had. Today was craziness with moose. I got up at 5:15 AM to make my hubby his lunch before he left for work, and by 7:30 I was ready for some physical movement. My dogs were, too. I took Bella out first (she's still in heat) and she promptly alerted me to the moose calf in our woods. I called her back and we waited cautiously as the calf made it's way down our yard and off to...? So I ran Bella around the yard a bit, put her up in her kennel, and let Rowdy out of his. As he was trotting around his "girl's" trail, I saw the calf again, running across our front yard. I instantly called Rowdy to me and as he ran my way from the lower corner of the backyard, the moose came around the house, saw him, and began to run towards him. This is really not what I had hoped would happen. Fortunately, Rowdy made it to me and we parked it on the porch. This calf was freaked out or something as it continued to come towards us, shaking it's head and stomping. In case you didn't know, that is not a good signal. Moose are the size of horses, so it's best not to have one charge you, even a calf! So, we keep watching this wild thing, and it finally starts to go down the yard, into our swamp before the lake, and heads back out to...? We did see the crazy thing one more time (at least) on our walk down the road, but it stayed out of our way. I had visions of having to explain a DLP on a moose calf to the Fish and Game. A DLP is a kill made in Defense of Life or Property, usually reserved for bear killings. Anyway, no spiritual thing on that one! Just a crazy Monday story! Oh, and since I typically don't write anything until later, I am on Alaska time, so it likely registers as a Tuesday entry to some. Oh well... Our final visit came this afternoon and it had momma with it. My guess is that it was scared and couldn't find it's momma and was trying to be brave this morning!
I had a fabulous walk on the beach Sunday with Rowdy. We picked up this driftwood, which, by the way, was not in the least bit lightweight, and I found my first piece of seaglass! I was so tickled that God put that there for me to find! I even thought out an entire post about about it, but "maybe on another day" as my neice used to say.
Yes, I'm just posting pictures now. I thought this moss was so fascinating! And you can see how the front of my house will not be snow-free for a while. This is why we call it breakup instead of spring. The snow/ice is finally breaking up and letting the green through!

My "lawn" is a lovely moss-green! It's better than the snow-mold dusted with ash, so I'm really not complaining. I am so thrilled that this PJM Rhododendron actually made it through our January that had 2 weeks of -30 temps and then the +30 temps! I can't wait til it flowers! We are so much later than most. I just about die when I see pictures of green grass and flowers blooming and leafed out trees in other places! Let me tell you how much I appreciate that first bit of green! Actually, I can't tell you. It truly must be experienced to garner full appreciation!

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  1. We get a bunny, you get a moose! Hmmm ... if it is gonna charge, I will take the bunny. Although it would be pretty cool to see my girl's faces if they saw a moose!